Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Interviews can be a very fun thing to do. Sometimes you meet with the professionals who will both intimidate and threaten you, then you will also get those who don't even have a clue of what they're doing. And then there's the type who will even meet with you although both parties know that one won't be hiring the other.

But last night's interview takes the cake!

I went to this rather good agency for an interview. They seemed to be nice people, a bit rough on the edges, but the set-up looks impressive enough.

But the bosses are the worst kind of interviewers. It's as if they haven't been to interviews themselves. I was running the show as an interviewee instead of them. I wonder if and when they hire me, I'll be a dominating presence or not. They are just a bunch of suckers waiting to be slaugthered! No wonder they work until the late nights. They tell me that going home at 10pm daily is a normal thing as the clients keep on changing and revising the artwork. But then they just told me that they don't do above the line stuff!!??? And that means that they don't have press/tv/radio deadlines to meet!!! and these people work until 10pm daily??


These people are a bunch of softies that are there to do their clients' bidding.

The seem to be on the rise, and are on the brink of hiring quite a number of employees. But then, working until 10pm daily?? and on alternate Saturdays too??? like... WHY???

Well, I'm not counting my chicks before they hatch... so, I'll only worry about the choice once they offer me somtehing.. ehehehe..

Told you that their willingness to interview me after office hours wasn't a good thing...

until then.. back to work...


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