Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I'm back!!

Momentarily, at least...

Ah, well, the dust is just settling on the mad-mad rush from two weeks ago, and I am now having a little more time to do my 'snaking'.

Well, updates for all 5 of my avid readers, I am now still stuck with this sad, sad establishment that's a sorry excuse for an agency, and it seems that people aren't ready to fork out extra money to hire a fairly experienced Copywriter.

Well, I do think that most of the employers in the Malaysian market always goes for the cheaper employees without considering that what they pay is what they will get.

It's always buying with 'cheap is good' mentality instead of value for money. Don't they realise that how much they pay equates to how much they are going to get?

So in the end, what do companies get? They get freshies for a fraction of the price, and they spend endless years trying to bring them up to par with thier expectations. But of course, as we all know very well, freshies don't stick to one place for long. They are young, fresh out of the oven, and raring to see more of life. So, what do you want?

I've been going to interviews, but I have not been offered anything to date. Maybe it's my asking price??

Well, it's frustrating in a sense, but then, it's not too bad...

Well, I'm still feeling sickish from two days ago and I have som much going on for me tonight... sigh...

Until then, I'll still be blogging sporadically


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