Tuesday, May 09, 2006


I've been watching 'I not stupid' these two days. The first installment, and the second installment...

And it struck a note in me. My pastor also preached about this...

We are born into loving and caring famillies that give us everything we need. A good house to live in, home-cooked food, dishes taken care of, nice shoes to wear, my very first pair of Levi's at the age of 10, driven around by mom or the chauffeur, money to burn... We are denied nothing. Save for a little freedom here and there. As kids, we were made up and dressed up to be 'presentable' to the society of the day. And as our parents would have it, we shall not be in want.

Even when it comes to responsibilities.

Every mess we make, there's a nanny or domestic helper to clean up after us, and if the parents couldn't afford to hire one, they will bring in the grandmother. And since hitting your child in public constitutes 'public felony', kids get away with murder. Anything to maintain a good public image.

And because of this, kids just get away with more and more things. The next time they want something, they will make a fuss in public knowing that the parents will let them off the hook. And once in the house, they storm into their comfy rooms away from your wrath.

And because they have this safe haven to retreat to, they are spared the humilitaion and the need to be responsible.

They know that they will not be held responsible for a lot of things and that Daddy or Mommy will be there to defend them from public disgrace.

And this trend is remarkably increasing and prominently happening in offices. The job market is as such now that employees are given the ability to retreat to their own comfy rooms just like when they're kids. It's a vicious cycle really.

The company, for the sake of saving a little trouble of firing and hiring, will keep the fella there until he/she hands in his/her resignation. Some are kept for financial reasons. Like my office. My boss would prefer to hire two new freshies at a lower salary than to hire one senior artist that may be twice as efficient as the two juniors, all to save a little money.

And the bosses are held hostage by this. You want someone who is responsible on their job, you need to spend a lot of money... And sometimes, even when you pay premium salaries for a premium employee, you still get the "I cover my own ass" notion from them.

It's been a 'Cover my own ass' kind of employee market out there and it seems that those who 'Cover their own asses' well are those who reach the top. Cover for yourself is a good thing, but not until the point of relinquishing responsibility from your actions...

How often do we get the "I don't know about this shit. All I know is, I have done my job properly, it's not my fault."

That's the mark of a lack of responsibility.

But if you take the responsibility on your own shoulders, you'll be in line for the sack.

So how??? HOW????


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