Friday, May 05, 2006

The future is now...

But it is bleak...


From where I'm standing, or sitting down for that matter, there ain't much of a future for me here. There are certain wants, and certain needs that has to be fulfilled. And this place ain't gonna fulfil any of 'em.

Just let me wallow in my sorrow.

Nothing much for me to say these few days...

Just wish me luck in my coming interview...

And pray that rational thinking will overcome greed.

I seriously don't know what to think anymore...

and oh... This weekend, REALLY crept up on me... IT'S FRIDAY EVERYONE!!!


Well, since I have nothing much better to do, let me amuse/bore you with my 26 alphabets stringed together trying to make sense.

To tell you the truth, I just hate looking for a new job. It's not the prospect nor the potential failure that beckons, but it's the waiting that kills me. A part of me wants to get myself out of here so badly, but yet the other part tells me that I should just keep it simple and wait for my big break. Contrasting prepositions, the both of them.

I can't sit and wait for something to happen to me, I need to get some work done. But yet, I can't be too active until I have no time to think logically about my decision.

Sigh.. this whole balace thing, it's killing me.


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