Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I have tread where no man has tread before..

Well, not exactly...

But who of you, my dear readers (yes, all five of you...) have walked through the belly of the beast?

I was at KLCC for a little rendezvous with my colleagues. One of them wanted to get something from Isetan. And so, we got separated. And I was alone looking at some sport shoes and other stuff.

Then when I called them to ask about their location, they told me that they were one floor down, so I walked the mile and thinking that 'all shopping centres are the same', and all things being equal, I should be able to get downstairs faster if I used the emergency staircase. It's located in between the shops instead of the end where the escalators are. So I was at Kinokuniya trying to get myself into Isetan Supermarket. And I see a staircase that should lead me right next to the Isetan entrance. I opened the emergency staircase door and I proceed downstairs.

Then to my horror, it's a one way door!!! It locks itself from the inside and I can only get out if someone else from the outside side opens the door for me.


And the only way out is DOWN!!! I was at the 5th floor, and the Exit was on the Ground floor. It's not the fact that I had to traverse the entire 5 floors down, but the fact that I was alone, trapped inside, with only ONE way out... What if there were druggies inside? What if I got killed down there?? No one would know. No one would realise. What if I got mugged? Raped?? *GASP*

So I rushed down, and walked through the belly of the beast. It was indeed a scary moment for me, knowing that if someone somehow, decided to end my life there, it could happen. And then, suddenly, I found myself outside. I seriously think that the people who saw me coming out from the exit thought that I was nuts and wondered where did I come from. It was at the back of Isetan, just next to the staff entrance. I had to walk a good 100 metres just to reach the KLCC side entrance that was facing Avenue K.

That was both scary and claustrophobic. I could've died. I could've been raped, I could've been trapped inside with no way out...


So, the lesson of the day:
1. KLCC is not Sunway Pyramid
2. Never use the stairs in KLCC
3. Now I know where the Isetan staff entrance is


Blogger BeaWuzHere said...

if anything'd happened to u there n then.....

i'll call the CSI team XP

May 12, 2006 6:02 pm  

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