Tuesday, April 04, 2006

There are things that cannot be helped...

We mere humans are not comparable to God.

God can't be explained,
God can't be understood.

God can't be conceptualised,
God cannot be limited.

God does not play according to your rules,
God makes the rules.

God cannot be contained,
God cannot be tied down.

God cannot be manipulated,
God cannot be wronged.

God knows all,
He is in all.

But why, does He want to make himself so difficult to understand?

But then, if I'd understood God, that would've made me 'God'...

If I can fully understand God, then my belief would be nothing more than a concept that I have full yunderstood and put into practise.

That wouldn't require faith. That requires an indepth analysis.

And if it doesn't require faith, then why do we put our trust in a higher being?

Why do we have a concept of perfection when all we see on this earth is imperfection?

Why, over so many years of scientific research, still we couldn't determine where we came from?

I mean, we have the ability to explore space but don't have the ability to determine who we are?

God, where are you?


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