Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Slow and uneventful...

This morning, I woke up slightly later than usual because my girlfriend had to do a trip to Putrajaya to get something done for the company. Some employment pass thing.

And it's about 10am plus and I have yet to see the bosses' face. Speaking of which, they just arrived.


Well, it's been a rather melancholic week so far and things aren't great... good, but not great... I'm not gonna start complaining though.

It's been a good week or two since I handed in my resume to this major agency and they have yet to call back. Well, I received a call yesterday but I didn't hear the call because I was walking to lunch along the noisy highway. Then I got a stupid miss call message from Maxis. Well, the irony is that my office is less than 1km away from the Menara Maxis and I can't get a decent line at my desk. From no where, you'll be receiving a text message saying you have 1 miss call even without your phone ringing once!!!

Well, Maxis is crap and everybody knows that.

But then hor, I tried to call the number registered on my phone. It's a land line 03-8*** **** but hor, when I call back, it says "The number you have dialed is not in service"... Like... WHAT DOES THAT MEAN??? It's not like I keyed in the wrong numbers, I returned a miss call... How can a number be invalid if it can call my phone???

One of the mysteries in life that will never go answered I guess.

Well, the other mystery in life that will always go unsolved is how our government uses the taxpayers' money. I know that as a citizen of Malaysia, the more goods and services you consume, the more you get ripped off. But this takes the cake.

I received an email from my friend that contained a counter-argument for the government's PR spins during the recent fuel hike.

The email pointed out that the government officials telling us that our fuel prices are still considered as low when compared to the nations around us. We are paying almost USD2 per litre and price of petrol is USD2++ in other places like Hongkong, Japan, and in the US itself. But as an average income earner in Malaysia, we are getting less than USD10,000 (that's RM38K mind you) per year whereas the people in those countries are getting around USD40,000 (RM152K) annually. So the actual difference is, that we are paying A LITTLE less for petrol as compared to them.. but we are making so much less than they are!!! crap!! Why are we the lower income earners asked to tighten our belts when the politicians go on their business of conning us of our money when they are still being chaufeurred around in their big CC'ed, luxury limos? Try taking the 'efficient, clean and modern' public bus to the parliment for a change!!!

This just made my day... I just filled up my, and it costs me RM75 per full tank... And this month, I'm feeling it... the credit card bills are in, and my monthly budget just got tighter...


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