Thursday, March 30, 2006

Life... it ain't easy...

It seems that it is embedded in our thick skulls and our puny brains that we are never satisfied. Give me a hundred, I want another hundred. Give me sweets, I want the whole jar. Give me riches, I will be contented for a while, and go for more.

Greed, one of the deadly sins... Lust, another, if not deadlier...

And all this will ultimately lead to Murder... Well, sometimes, we don't murder someone physically, but we can do things to them that will kill some part of their lives.

I saw this headline of an article from the guy standing beside me in a cramped train this morning. It went something along the lines of 'Do not simply call an intimidating person at the office an Office Bully.' Well, sometimes it's true. People are more than willing to save their own asses instead of trying to take you down, kiling your career along the way. Just that sometimes, we don't see the impact of our own actions.

A simple white lie can turn someone's life upside down.

But then, there are people who think that they are the king/queen around the office. I wonder how these people sleep at night. They get all the praise and flattery that their colleagues can offer, and they know that the colleagues are just accommodating them. I used to have this woman in my previous office who acts as if she owned the place. Well, indeed she did well with the bosses, and is never shy on slabbing the bosses with a bit of flattery here and there. She can practically get away with murder. Any little misdeed on your part to cross her, she'll make sure you won't last long in the place by spreading 'controversy' to the bosses. But she also realises that her colleagues don't like her.

These people will never have peace of mind in the office I guess. If I were them, I'd be constantly on the look out in case someone tried to back stab me. And to my knowledge, she does get a lot of that. During lunch, when she's outside meeting a client or something, the other girls in her department will start to talk behind her back... But they can't kill her career because she's sucked up to the bosses, and the bosses can't care much about what goes on in the office. All they care is that the money keeps pouring in.

As for me... I wonder if I would ever be forced to do something like that. Trying to kill someone's career just because that someone doesn't suck up to me... sigh...

All for the sake of wanting more things???


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