Friday, April 14, 2006

Media Paradox

A person can't say anything right on the mass media nowadays.

Anything that you can say on tv that is negative would be deemed offensive to a certain segment of the public.

Tiger Woods said he putted like a 'spaz' with regards to his under-performance on the putting greens and he had to retract his comment because it was degrading towards the public living half way across the globe all over in the UK???

Like it's the media that wants to make personalities talk, and when they talk about something bad, it's considered degrading towards a certain segment of the audience?

Like can't I call myself stupid for doing something stupid anymore? Like if I said that I was so stupid to have done that, and I would be degrading all the stupid people in this world?

Sheesh... And the media would say that you're a snob if you don't talk to them...

What's wrong with this world?


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