Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Motives that Motivate...

No meaning at all. Just a few nicely put-together words.

Well, actually, no-lah...

I just finished Dan Brown's Angels & Demons. I am a fan... a REAL fan of Dan Brown. He's so much better than some JoKer Rolling around...

All that's been said and done, it's a book that talks about actions and motives. One of the first things that my Pastor tried to change when he first assumed his position-in-chief at the church was to open our minds to the fact the ends can never justify the means. And we, as human beings with limited knowledge, shouldn't judge a situation or a person from what we see the person do. Simply because we know not what his heart is thinking. Besides, we aren't called to judge at all... Judgement belongs to God. Us human beings, we're just mis/under-informed entities walking around, trying to find our niche in this timeline we call History.


Sigh... It's difficult being an existentialist... Maybe I should change my mindset.

But the more I think about things, the more meaningless everything became. Maybe I should take up a positivist approach.

Oh, have I told you that medical conditions are created by doctors and not patients? The reason is simple. Doctors, being an authority in medication see a lot of patients who come to them for help. Once the doctor sees a few of the same patients with the same symptoms, he will treat them with the same successful medicine. And from this trial and error, he mayl start to give the symptoms a name. So over time, the symptoms will be added unto the definition he has just drawn and thus, a full fledge medical condition is born!

It tells you that there is indeed power in a name. You put a label on something, you draw its boundaries, then you empower it with its own identity. When the issue/subject takes up the name and identity, it will ease things. There is a common misconception about the homosexual community today. Homosexuality is not a modern act, nor is it new. It's been going for ages.

But homosexuality came into the fore because we have set boundaries, and defined it properly. Once we draw a line between the A's and the B's, we actually segregate and empower both sides. In ancient times, Homosexuality was seen as 'sexual immorality' that included other acts such as having sexual relationships with animals and other twisted sexual acts. Only when society started to give Homosexuals a proper name that they have flourished.

In the past, people who were 'confused' about their sexuallity had only two definitions of gender to adhere to; Male or Female. So in order to find their place in society, they had to choose one over the other. But now, in more recent times, they find themselves having more and more choices. Now you can choose to be a butch, dyke, abang, adik, husband, wife, metrosexual, bisexual, heterosexual, anything your heart desires as long as you can find a few people who share your same views on life, and lead a remotely similar lifestyle...

So.. The next time you give a name to something, think carefully...


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