Monday, March 20, 2006

I'm SOOOO Proud to be Malaysian


Talk about attitidue right in the EARLY Mornings!!!

I mean... It's one of the first things you get to do as a Malaysian, employed at a esteemed company somewhere down town in the City Centre. What's with you???

It all started like this.

It's a normal MONDAY at the car park as I reached my normal parking facility near an LRT station on my way to work. I walked up the steps of the escalator at the station only to find out that there's a long queue waiting for me. It's nothing out of the ordinary. The LRT guys mess up almost every other day. It was only a few days back that I contemplated to commending them for a job well done because they have kept the trains coming at regular enough intervals to keep a dragon of a line from forming at the station, so there, you go, commendation out of the window.

Coming back to the story, I was somewhere in the middle of the line when the train came and as 'good citizens of Malaysia', we proceeded to board the train as fast and as packed as we can physicaly stuff ourselves into the train. Then just when I was about to board, the fellas inside can cramp in no more and at the same time, the bells rang indicating that the doors were about to close. So I was caught in the middle; To push the fella infront of me or to wait for the next train. Then as soon as I computed all the risks involved in trying to push the fella in the train, (I might be crushed into a door sandwich, mind you) So I decided to wait for the next train. And then, as soon as the bell finished is charming 'dong', the lady behind me had the nerve to let off a 'Tsk'...

I just hate it when people get like this early in the morning. Like what's your problem??

What can you achieve by venting your frustrtation at the situation? LIke it's any of our faults that the LRT doors were about to close? Like we don't want to get ourselves up onto the train? Like we like to wait for the next train with you 'Tsk'-ing behind our backs??? Wah lao!!!

It's an early Monday morning, the start of a new working week, and you're already depressed??? You haven't even got to work yet!!

Sometimes, we don't get our bosses approval at our jobs simply because we choose to live our lives miserly. Like what will you get by venting your anger and rage at your office and your colleagues and everybody you work with? A promotion? A pay raise? Nobody likes a sour grape.

But sadly, that's the attitude of most Malaysians.

I just love it when other people's frustration rubs off other people like this morning. Makes me frustrated as ever...



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