Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Wealth Management

If you know me personally, you'll come to realise that I actively preach against Multi-Level Marketing schemes and useless Insurance/Wealth funds and schemes.

Well, since I am sitting here at the office with not much to do, I think I'd justify my stand and try to convince my readers about the harsh reality of this world.

In a few posts before this, I think I've established that all insurance agencies are out to gain a profit from you?

Well, I was reminded this when I went to my ex-agency last night. My ex-boss invited me over for a little CNY gathering and we sat down to talk about the sun, moon, sky and life. It baffles me a little when I see a successful man like him, putting so much faith and hope into his insurance scheme.

Sometimes, when we are out there in the harsh corporate marshlands, we fail to come up for a breath of fresh air. We think that since we are not getting any younger, we would really, seriously, need to sit down and talk to an insurance agent/business management executive/wealth manager/the-fella-who-would-come-to-your-house-at-the-most-inhumane-of-times-just-to-suck-a-little-bit-of-commission-from-your-candy-jar about your significant future.

Apparently, more and more people are feeling insecure about their futures, and the great 'WHAT IF'...

Nowadays, there's so much available on the roadsides that any tom, harry, dick, can present to you an entire scheme that will cover your life, your family, a fund for your new born child, any possible total and permanent disability resulting from too much typing on the keyboard or too much mouse activity, and even the assurance that your old folks will be looked after if they fall ill! And that's not all... They are also equipped to convince you that your savings in the bank actually depreciates in value as inflation rate is always rising faster than the interest rates. And that buying property is not as profitable as putting your hard earned cash into their hands for them to 'manage'...

Well, this whole eloborate scam is to make sure you give them money every month so that they can make more money out of it. That's the whole idea of the 'Assurance Industry'... Bunch of vultures...

Then, there's the 'friend' who will always call you out saying, "Oh we've not met for so long, want to come out for a drink? Meet me at McDonald's this Saturday." (And i'll try to get you to pay me a few quid a month as 'membership fees')

Of all the people I know, those who tick me off the most are these Multi-Level Marketing blood sucking jerks. They have no intergrity at all!! AT ALL!!!!

They normally call you up and give you a run around with an elaborate, well thought-of scam to get you to sit down at the same table. And once you arrive, thinking that you'll get some time to catch up on the good 'ol times, they'll be fully prepared with notebook in hand, their successful looking car parked conveniently on the roadside, trying to get you to contribute to thier 'passive income'.

They'll tell you that they've found a way to make money while sitting down watching their soapy Korean series. That's by keeping tonnes and tonnes of downlines like you, who pay a 'minimal membership fee' which they get a slice from everytime you pay up.

The Insurance Agents are Vultures, and the MLM guys are cons.

Both take you away from faith in God, both take you closer to beleiving in your own ability.

The thing about trusting our own ability is that we, as mortals, may die any second. Our lives are never in our hands.

Accidents happen, to you and also to your beneficiaries. So the main question is, what are you doing with your life? Chasing after all this wealth and security for this short life that we have?

Can't these people realise that there is no such thing as 'security' in life. Whatever you believe in, you will die, and your family may die with you, and the wealth you amassed will go to your next of kin, which is possibly the borhter that you hated for your entire lifetime.

So, I would rather live life in hope and love that is worthy and meaningful. I would rather make more friends, and experience more things instead of worrying 'What if'...


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