Wednesday, January 25, 2006


I think it is fair to say that I have no home to go back to...

My room in my hometown has been taken over by my grandparents quite a while ago... Well, come to think of it, it was I that took over the room when they lived with my aunts... hehehehe...

Then, I have been wandering around metropolitan Klang Valley for the past few years...

If I really wanted to track back...

1981 until 1998 ~ Taman Sibuga, Sandakan
1999 ~ Tanah Emas, Kota Kinabalu
1999 ~ Putatan, Kota Kinabalu
1999 ~ Rainfield Court, Kota Kinabalu
2000 ~ Inti College Nilai, Nilai
2001 ~ Ridzuan Condo, Sunway
2002 ~ Subang Ville Apartments, Sunway [B407]
2003 ~ Subang Ville Apartments, Sunway [A103]
2006 ~ Not Found yet
2009 ~ Suria Mas Apartments [Hopefully]

In the course of not more than 10 years, I have moved 8 times at least...

I have made countless friends, and some foes through the coming together of housemates, and the separation of friends.

I have kept my possesions relatively few, so that I don't have much to move as and when I move.

I have thrown away so many things that could bring back so many memories to me because I cannot bring them around. Besides, they're collecting dust.

I have not got a real place to call home.

Well, that partially happens because I only go home to my parents' house once a year, and I sleep at the 'guest-room' or sometimes worse, because my entire extended family comes home for Chinese New Year, the living room. Some kids have the luxury of going home to their rooms whenever they reach home, and the stuff will be there just as they left it, only the colours might have slightly faded...

Me, I go home to my old room, and it is now made into my grandparents' room... I have nothing there to go back to. Only the people living in that house brings me back. And I miss them much.

I have grown into this metropolitan nomad that has no time nor sentiment for sweet memories. I cannot have too much excess baggage with me. I have no fixed place to put my memorabilia from these few years of wandering and I have lost the concept of a family house being a permanent house. Sometimes, I do miss the little insignificant trophies that I gathered throughout my schooling life, the little medals that I won during school sports meets, the little tokens of appreciation here and there that's gathering dust some fine place in my parents' house.

Those are the milestones of my childhood.

And when I look back at these 8 years that I have moved out from my parents' house, it's almost a complete blank!

All I have accorded myself with are the clothes on my back, a collapseable wardrobe, an old computer, the table that supports the computer, two (2) 'three tier' cupboards and my trustee matress. The Bed post that I am sleeping on is borrowed.. heheheh

And these things have been following me around for quite some time... Maybe I should throw away the plastic wardrobe... And live out of a suitcase until I move into my 'permanent' apartment...

Well, maybe, just maybe, I have forgotten how to live a settled life.


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