Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Impeccable Service...

Nowadays, waitresses hold the key to your happiness during meals...

I am now finding myself a good half an hours early for work. And sometimes, the office won't even be opened yet when I arrive. So I am now 'forced' to have breakfast at the restaurant below my office now. This is how it all started.

My girlfriend and I have decided to carpool since last week. She sent her car for a major MAJOR service last week and she only got it back last night. So for the past week, I've been fetching her to and from work. We used to go our separate ways for work, but now we've found a pleasant compromise. I fetch her to and from work, and I get to park the car 5 stations down from where I used to get on the LRT before the carpool. Her office hours start at 8.30am, so I will arrive at my office at around 9am. My office hours don't start before 9.30am... Well, going to work wasn't an issue, but getting her home will be slightly. With our night time commitments, it's gonna be a mad rush sometimes... But well, for the sake of financial shrewdness, we have to do this.

So, coming back to this morning's incident, I was happily enjoying the pleasant morning today until this new waitress at the restaurant messed up my order. I ordered 2 Roti Kosong and a Teh-Tarik (That's 2 pieces of plain bread and a cup of tea to those who are not from around here) and she managed to mess that up!!! I should have known when she came back to me asking me what my drink was again. Well, instead of 2 pieces of Roti Kosong, she gave me 2 pieces of Roti Telur (Indian bread with egg filling)!!! Not only does that cost a lot more, it's gonna kill my cholesterol levels!!! I don't wanna die young!!

And when I pointed out to her that she got my order wrong, she raised her voice against me!!

Crazy... Well, being not someone that wants to court controvesy, or one that would want a commotion, I didn't make too much of a fuss. I mean, poor her also, couldn't make much of a living out of waiting tables, and if I get her into trouble, she's gonna get a hell of a scolding from the boss. So I didn't bring it up to her boss when I paid my bills as well.

I know it's bad for consumerism, but I also understand that she's trying very hard to earn her living. So, let's not give the poor girl any trouble.

But note to self: If she serves me the next time, I'm gonna say it out loud what my orders are, twice, just to make sure she gets me loud and clear.

I am also afraid that she'll put 'something extra' the next time I visit the shop if I anger her...


Anonymous p said...

Well, if I were you, I don't give a chance. I mean yeah, she's trying to make a living and in 1st chance she can't do it right and worst of all, go against the customer? I mean come on, if she's sincerely enough trying to make a decent living, she'd at least have a bit of patience.

Maybe I'm just not a nice guy like you ...

January 17, 2006 7:36 pm  
Blogger SaDdNesZ.jc said...

P: Nice guy or not, is a different issue... Just felt that I shouldn't make a fuss at the restaurant for something like this... Afterall, this is Malaysia... hehehehe... you raise your voice a bit, you get caught via the ISA...

January 18, 2006 9:30 am  

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