Friday, November 18, 2005

My side...

So.. now...

Since this is MY BLOG and I CAN DO WHATEVER I LIKE WITH IT, I would just want to tell my side of the story.

Well, I was a happy blogger simply putting his thoughts into words, and I therefore, I proceeded to write about this transexual marriage that happened a few days ago. Well, whatever I wrote must have angered the homo/transexual community that blogs/read blogs, however, this thing came into prominence when this girl (at least I think she's a she. Could be a dyke, could be a butch, could be both, or could've been something else) linked my post onto her famous website that has loads of hits from people around the world.

So, in the very first place, I DID NOT START THIS WAR!!!

After that, her ardent readers proceeded into this site and made me public enemy #1.

Everything in the post was scrutinised, my spelling was commented on, my points of view bombarded, and people left 300-400 word comments with regards to my post. Apparently my mistakes; I did not do 3 years worth of research to make my post credible / I did not interview any homosexuals before I posted anything up / I did not fully understand the use of LUBES (for I had no need for them) / I did not take into consideration that a small fraction of the community were born with both genders / I mis-used the word asexual / I mis-spelt a few words / I simply made a mistake of being linked by someone whom I didn't even knew existed!

However, most of these people missed to main point, which until today, I am still instigating, is that there were 3 pastors of 3 churches who defamed God and the Christian faith by presiding over such an event. And up until today, there is still no answer as to why there were 3 churches involved. Like I highlighted, if the 'Bride' was a member of 1 church, and 'she' coaxed the pastor to prseide over the marriage, then fine. If the 'Husband' was a member of another church, then possibly, they came to settle that it should be done by both the pastors. But why was there a 3rd pastor? Something is not right here.

Why would such an religious defiling event be presided by 3 pastors from the Christian church? For the Bible clearly speaks against 'Sexual Immorality' which includes homosexuality, sodomy, prostitution and incest. And it is clear that, coming back to the origins of the relationship, both that got married were men. So unless these 3 pastors are using some other Bible that states otherwise, they have just defiled the Name of God!

If 1 pastor made such a mistake, then he must have been misled or he misunderstood something in the Holy Scriptures, but 3 pastors?? Something must be wrong.

So... In actual fact, I was more concerned about the church and the stand it was taking instead of trying to clamp down on all the homosexuals that read the post. Well, it was not on my agenda to piss off a few lesbians here and there, but someone, out of her own initiative, linked my post to her readers. My agenda was really to highlight the failure of the church against such acts.

So... once and for all, if you don't want to discuss the matter with a religious point of view, then, just read it as it is.

I'm tired of justifying myself to everyone who takes a small mis-spelt word and thinks that I am a bloody retard because of that.


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