Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A new Spiritual Journey.

I need a long walk with God.

It's been so long since I've heard His subtle voice. It's not that He's stopped talking to me, it's just that I haven't opened my ear to listen as often as I should. God's voice has been drowned out by my own will power, my drive to succeed, my lust for the material, my need to control my own life. For the past few months, I have been successfully preaching about God, His goodness, His marvelous works, His love for us, and His influence in history. But yet, I have simply stopped having faith in Him. It was me, myself, and I all along. Everything that I did, I did with my own power. My decisions were made according to what I thought I wanted. But do I know what's best for me? Do I hold my own future in my hands? How much can I achieve without God?

I have become so big tha God has become so small in my life. My ego has taken over God's place in my life.

That has to change. I didn't know how to change. I couldn't see the way out. I knew of my problem, I knew of my weakness, and I knew that God wasn't happy. But now, there is a way out. And it requires sacrifice. It requires total subordination. It requires more of God, less of me.


I read a little bit more of Da The Vinci Code last night and I am really impressed with the book. Dan Brown is GOOD!

His ability to walk the thin line between fact and fiction is astounding! I am really amazed at the amount of research one has to go through in order to write such convincing facts that to the untrained mind, it would seem that it could only be true. I was so absorbed into the book that I kept on reading and reading and reading, and that don't happen too often. It is proven that very few books can capture my mind, imagination and my attention. Dan Brown is an author that has successfully done that. He has taken a few Biblical facts, a few Catholic myths (maybe some of them are true) and he fabricated the rest of the story into a very well written piece. His style of writing that mimics the changing of scenes as if one is watching the entire story unfold as if one is watching a movie.

I like...

However, I have heard of people going after the alleged 'facts' from the book and taking them in as truths. Well, undeniably, most of the things said in the book sound realistic enough, and it has captured the imagination of a good handful of readers that have now been disillusioned into thinking that the story is true. Well, I don't blame them. I have to constantly remind myself that the entire story is a fabrication and nothing more but a very well representation of the author's imagination.

The difference between Dan Brown's writing and JK Rowling's is that Dan Brown actually does his homework. His pieces are written based on loads of research in Catholicism and the 'dark arts'. Rowling's writing is a bit different in a sense that Harry is nothing more than a play of imagination, dramatised into bringing some imagination back into the lives of its readers. Harry Potter is just another kid with some super powers. Whereas, Dan Brown's 'truths' are based on a few facts and actual events in history. So in simple words, Dan Brown writes with a lot of historical and empirical research as back-up facts. Rowling writes from the top of her imaginative head, without much tangible events and props to back-up her 'facts'.

So word of caution to the casual reader of Dan Brown's works; Yes, it seems real because it is backed-up by real places, and real props embedded in the fabric of Catholicism. However, the storyline is nothing more but the writer's imagination. Like what I said in my previous post, if the 'Secret Organisation' is really so powerful and so secretive about the code that they protect, then they would've did everything they could to keep thier secret. In order for an author like Dan Brown to be able to publish such a book, it would need to fulfill either of these criteria; There is no such secret organisation in the real world, or the 'facts' are insignificant truths that the organisation feels that the book will pose no threat to its existance as a secret organisation.

If they were really a secret and powerful organisation, Dan Brown would not have been able to publish the book.

I'll discuss more after I've read more. I'm almost half-done now...


Blogger BeaWuzHere said...

yeah, project gutenberg rox!! <--one of brown's research resource

ooo....haf u reached the part about ritualistic sex? crazy theory O_o...hahaha

haven't read the book actually...just flipped through it in mph....XP

November 08, 2005 10:59 am  
Blogger SaDdNesZ.jc said...

Bea: It's a good read... and when it comes from me, you know it's good. Normally, I won't last through the 2nd page if it ain't good.. hahahaha....

and No... haven't reached the ritualistic sex part yet... Just finished the Escape from the Museum...

November 08, 2005 11:20 am  
Anonymous miche said...

same here...have not been listening and hearing God's voice for quite sometime already...mind too occupied with so many things around me...i think it is time to get ourself to stay put and listen. :)

November 08, 2005 2:30 pm  
Blogger Amanda said...

I loved the book! Heard that Angels and Demons is good too... gonna grab that one soon :P Makes me wanna visit the Vatican city too! haha

November 09, 2005 3:31 pm  
Blogger SaDdNesZ.jc said...

I still don't understand why people treat it as if it's a great revalation of facts...

I have to agree that most of the stuff written is very interesting and probably contain a few facts, but the entire book is supposed to be a fictitious novel...

But I'm pretty sure my next book is going to be Angels and Demons... hehehehe... probably will get it after I finish reading my Bible... sigh...

November 09, 2005 3:49 pm  

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