Monday, November 07, 2005

Da The Vinci Code?


I got the chance to read a few chapters of this famous book...

To my horror, it was just another novel written by a very good author. At first, I thought it was some form of intellectual discussion and some form of formulae that some smart guy out there used to find out the 'real meaning' of the Jewish holy scriptures. To my horror, it was a piece of fiction written in a 'real' way.

Well, I have yet to finish the book but i have already got an idea of what it is trying to say.

The author was smart in writting the book in a sense that he blurred the line between fiction and non-fiction in the very first page of the book. Before you get to chapter one, there's this page that claims that the contents, characters and the events recorded were true. Many fail to realise that the novel started even before the first page of Chapter 1. Many misunderstood that page and took it as a disclaimer to the fictitious contents of the book.

Any logical person will be able to pluck a few truths about the book even from its preface; but for the benefit of those who still fail to realise, here's an argument.

1. It's a novel. Very well written indeed, cheers to Dan Brown. However absorbing it is, however true it may seem, it is not any 'truer' than Rowling's collection of Mr. Potter tales.

2. There are facts in it, based on biblical events. Well, yeah. So did the movie 'Constantine'. But how much of it are real? How much of it are folklore passed down through the word of mouth, through generations?

3. And the most illogical of all, if there was really a secret society that is supposed to protect such secrets, why would they let Dan Brown publish all their secrets as if they didn't want to remain a secret society anymore? Non-sensical... If I were the leader of the secret society that protected the code, I would've taken care of Dan Brown even before he typed out the title of the novel. Besides, what's the use of calling myself a secret society if what i was protecting was not a secret anymore??

Tell me more if you've read the book. I haven't finished reading it, but that's the idea of what I'm getting out of it thus far.

Enlighten me if you have more info...


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