Thursday, November 10, 2005

Da The Vinci Code Updates...

I just caught a glimpse of the saucy stuff of the book last night...

Now I understand why people were put off from Christianity after reading the book. Although I have just scratched the surface of Dan Brown's theories about a female disciple and stuff like that, but it was really interesting.

However, with much thought, I have come to realise the Dan Brown was just performing a form of counter-culture. He fabricated a story in which he attacked the very fabric of the Christian faith in itself, saying that the Christ was actually a feminist, and that this guy called Constantine has taken pagan stuff and interweaved it into the Christian faith. Brown also wrote about symbolic stuff that linked Da Vinci's paintings as a mockery to the Church.

Well, I have still a good 40% of the book to read up on, but so far, I find it as nothing more than an attempt to de-stabilise the audience in a sense, to shake them to the core of thier entire belief system. His attempt looked genuine in a sense because it refered to a lot of physical, historical, and basic belief systems of today's human psyche.

Here's a few basic observations.

Well, the first thing Dan Brown tried to de-stabilise was that Christ was no more than a mere mortal, who was actually no more than a prophet. Well, this point is actually not refutable in a sense that it's so rhetorical it requires your own conviction. If you are given the freedom to believe that Christ is Christ, then you have also been given the freedom to not believe. It's a matter of faith. If you think that the Bible is nothing more than a fabrication of ideas, then the same goes to the argument that the 'scriptures' on the opposing front is also a fabrication. So, choose which 'fabrication' you want to believe in. Just make sure you don't choose the one over the other because it's your need to be different from mainstream thinking. Just imagine if the world was practising whatever Dan Brown was instigating in his book, and suddenly, another author comes and says that he has some special books in his possesion that is today's Bible. Would it drive the same rhetorical thought that you have after reading Brown? People are simply drawn to something different. Just make sure you're not believing something because everyone else is believing in it and you want to be different.

Then, there's this notion that the church was supposed to be a feminist movement and thus a matriachal society should have been established if not for Peter. Well, the world today is a patriachal society. We carry the name of our fathers. So did the people from long time ago. Who was already in control since before Christ's movement? MAN!! Who is still in control today?? MAN... (although that is now slowly changing because of the female hormones in the water that we drink) Dan Brown tries to de-stabilise that by saying that the church fabricated a belief system that degraded the Woman's status in society, and that Christ actually willed for his church to be built by Mary Magdelene. This is a 50% / 50% flip. Too bad that the masculine won... heheheheh.... Besides, according to the 4 gospels (you can choose to believe in the others if you like to... but make it's not because you want to be different from others), it's Peter that Christ prophesised about "on this Rock i will build my church'. And I believe that Mary Magdelene was no rock... hhhmmm... which reminds me "DO YOU SMELL LE LEL LEELLL...."

So.. When you read such a book that is designed to rock you to the core of your belief system, make sure you step into the shoes of the author. What is he trying to achieve with such writings? Is he instigating a new belief? or is he simply trying to dramatise a few things to make his book sell and earn more money?? What is Dan Brown doing now?? If all of those arguments were true and Dan Brown is a firm believer in what he writes, then why is he not dying for his faith like the matyrs of the church did? Why isn't he persecuted like the early apostles? Why is he not going all over the world preaching this new found 'good news'???

it's just a dramatised book la... c'mon... And besides, if an amateur like me can refute so many things... wonder what an expert reader could do...


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