Wednesday, October 26, 2005


No, not Jon's upcoming album...

(For those who are not in the loop, one of our worship leaders in church, Jon Tse, is coming up with his own 14-track solo album and it's called 'Purpose'.)

But it often very weird that things creep up on you. It's more often than not, you suddenly realise that what you're doing with your life is not actually what you wanted to do. Sometimes, we chase after our dreams without realising that it's not actually what we want. We always want to live in a fantasy. Afterall, fantasies are much more beautiful, more ideal. But fantasies are just that. When it comes into realisation, it's not that fantastic afterall. But anyhow, sometimes it is this fantasy that keeps us alive. False hope.

Some of you may chase after your career, some may just want to get rich no matter what, some may want a pretty wife, some may want to retire at the age of 26, some may want to have this gadget, some may want this or that. Human beings live on the basis of 'want'. We exist in this world because we want something out of life. Sometimes a little, sometimes more. But is that what we want?

What we want in life is to know our purpose. We have been chasing dream after dream. We have been running after goals, but we have never realised what our purpose is.

When we were kids, we lived for our parents, when we grew into our teens, we lived for our peers, when we get ourselves into College/University, we live for our perceived ideal goals, and when we come out to work, we live for money and when we grow old, we live to avoid sickness, and when it's about time to die, we start to live for God in fear of what awaits us after we die.

But what is the whole purpose of this human life? Is it a game? Is it a form of suffering? Some religions think so. Some would even go to the extent as to say that suffering is the path to divinity. Yes, in truth, religion is a form of relief from the sufferings of our lives. But it is this same suffering that keeps us reverant to our God. However, it is not necessarily the entire meaning of our lives. There must be more than this.


Blogger Gab said...

fantasy vs reality? i chose the former. everything seems nicer and pleasant. well can get the dreamy-eye feelings, need not succumb to fantasy all the time. just get drunk! *LOL*

hmmm, i'd say humans are never satisfied. the beast in them always pushes for more==>greediness. it's hard not to get caught in a rat race, saddnesz.jc

October 26, 2005 11:33 pm  
Blogger SaDdNesZ.jc said...

The only way out of the rat race is to be the Cat...

Run for President/Prime Minister anyone?

October 27, 2005 9:12 am  

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