Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Work, work, work...

I started working on this kid that came by for reasons whereby it's not good to disclose, but we took this guy in and we're trying our best to help him. And thus, my teaching career had just officially started about a few hours ago. 

I guess you really find satisfaction when you can help someone improve in their pursuit of knowledge. Just that, not everyon willingly wants to be your student. 

For the past few hours, all that was on my mind was, how to teach difficult students, especially if they're grouped into a whole classroom. One-to-one is easy. You can monitor every move he makes and correct his mistakes as he goes along. But what if an entire class of uninterested students were grouped together?

Well, that's one for the new year...

Meanwhile, eat while you can, sleep while you can, have fun while you can... The year of the ox seems to bring rather difficult times ahead. 

Life's short. Play hard...


Blogger 小彭 said...

it's good to teach bah..hahahahaha..
saya mau pun tak ade

February 04, 2009 11:48 pm  

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