Saturday, December 13, 2008

It's been long enough...


It's been long enough since I posted.

Quick updates;
1. Work is starting to get hectic; plans+expectations+lack of time+idealism+unknown factors... You do the math

2. Just got word that my car has finally been given the go-ahead to get it fixed. Will drop by the workshop on Monday to discuss about the details. Should I take away the vroom-vroom exhaust??

3. School license is still pending approval;

4. Baby is starting to show on wife's tummy. Entering 4th month;

5. Still feeling ridiculously tired during the days. Weird;

6. Getting frustrated to be stuck in a town where there's no place to go whatsoever; For the first time in my life, I stepped back into Sunway and was fazed by the glimmer and glitter of the lights at the pyramid. Now I understand why they say when a kampung boy steps into the big city, they get drawn by the lights as if a moth gets drawn by the zapper;

7. Paid exorbitantly for 2 meals today. Birthday Lunch + Full Moon Dinner = 2 angpaus, you do the math.

8. Getting a feeling that being BB Captain isn't only about the Boys', it's also about meetings and meetings and meetings...

9. Found a futsal court with good players to play with every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but somehow can't find the time to go there frequently. You've guessed it - Meetings;

10. It's weird when you work for the church but then you also have to sacrifice your Sunday serving to work on a Sunday Event. Going to Saturday Night service later and not being ableto play in the Worship Team on Sunday because I have to man a booth on Sunday morning to promote the school;

That's a quick 10 facts about me now.



Blogger Ze Hao said...

lol hope u can enjoy those seaweeds~~
OoO..ten fcts huh?? Well..i'm tat much closer to knowing u liao haha
When r u updating again??
Still very busy??

December 29, 2008 12:48 pm  

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