Friday, November 21, 2008

It's been quite some time...

Indeed, it's been quite some time since my mind churned up a valuable question to be discussed and posted on this blog.

I went home after lunch for a short siesta this fine day and as I was awakened, I suddenly asked myself, that since there isn't any set culture in school, as everyone who enters Form 1 enters into it as individuals who know nothing about the cultures of the school.

When I was still in Secondary School about 10 years back, no one told me how to do things, no one told me that there's a certain way of doing things around here, the senior basically didn't want anything to do with us 'juveniles' and most of all, my classmates were all the same age as I was, and were all finding their identities in this world.

So who sets the culture in the school?

We know that the teachers play a bit part, but who the heck listens to the teachers anyway? Find me a class who will willingly do EVERYTHING that their teachers tell them and obey them as if it were given by God Himself(!) and I'll retract everything I said in this post.

So the question remains, who sets the culture in school? Who starts the rebellion? Who determines how most of the students will act when faced with challenges, when faced with a pointing finger, when faced with temptation of being offered a cig, when faced with the invitation to go to a classmate's house to watch illegal movies? Who tells them how to act and react to circumstances?

Surely the teachers can't control all the students, and surely, some would follow, but most will not, but who teaches them to do all those things that I've been reading in the school rules?

You know, as I was preparing the school rules for the school that I am setting up, I do find that a lot of the rules were written as an effect of things that happened before in another school, which we adopted our rules from. There's stuff in there that says you shall not use cutex, which is a firm of nail polish. Heck, I didn't even knew there was cutex. Then there's stuff like 'You can't jaywalk in prohibited areas, especially the teachers' car park. Then there's stuff like, "You cannot be caught being in couples at dark areas, and underneath the trees!! Like isn't that a little bit too overtly specific?

So back to the question, do the students collectively decide, by way of natural selection, of what to follow, when to follow and how to follow?

Or are they who their parents brought them up to be? If you say that they are who their parents brought them up to be when they are still in Primary School, there would be certain truths in that. But we are talking about Secondary School kids here. They have already somewhat grown into an identity of their own, independent from their parents.

But if you say that they act as what they observe in their parents, then does it go to say that their parents are that 'bad' in their homes?


Blogger R.S. said...

I am going to blame the way my brain is wired because I seem to fail in fully absorbing your message.

Anyhow, I am going to approach "Who sets the culture in the school?" objectively. In fact, this is similar to the egg or chicken enigma.

While the seemingly obvious culprits refer to the teachers and the students, I point back to the family unit for that is where it all begins.

IF they come from a good family unit:
1) students will behave and be obedient to authority and not engage in unhealthy social issues
2) teachers will know what disciplines to emphasize and not resort to abuse
3) the government and ministers will not allow derogatory and morally-degrading media to infiltrate minds, young or old
4) pressure groups will not strife for "freedom of expression" and/or preferences

If the above leads you nowhere, relax, I am not sure I am hitting any home-runs too. It is rather too idealistic and rather distant from actuality.

As for family values, I think you have a better grasp in this, just refer to the Word. Anyone can be a trend-setter, but only the loudest will last. You do not have to be the one with the final blow, just be the change agent as He has purposed you for.

November 22, 2008 12:48 am  

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