Thursday, December 28, 2006

There are dinner jackets, and there are dinner jackets

And mine is the latter.

I just love Bond and its script. Whatever you unopinionated people think, I think it's darn corny, but yet it's so corny, it's great! hah!

So, there are dinner jackets and there are dinner jackets.

The bridal photo people called us up to tell us that there's this promotion going on. Wanting to close our account sooner than later, they are offering us an upgrade in terms of the photo album. What used to be a book filled with 4R sized pictures is now upgraded to 8R. So, we decided to take advantage of the promo, and duly got us booked for the end of January. (The promo period only lasts during the month of January.)

And so, we found ourselves looking for a few things to buy. I need a white shirt, leather shoes and a great smile. She, on the other hand needs to hunt for a pair of wedding silhouettes.

And so the Year End Sale (YES) was put to great use. We found ourselves wadding in the deep recesses of 1-U. I was browsing through all the Men's Wear and tried a few jackets on for size. I've been to the wedding photographer's to rent a jacket once and it was horrendous, so I decided to get my own jacket... Or maybe not. I was trying on all sorts of jackets. From the expensive ones, to the really cheap ones, and to tell you the truth, some are really bad. If anyone were to wear them to a wedding, please kill the fella before he reaches the public gaze. For charity. Please.

So, I tried on a few and found out that there were only 2 brands that suited me. G2K and PDD (if you get my drift). I was torn between the two. They had rather good quality suits to go with matching pants at about RM600-Rm700 per set. The others are either out of reach, or the cutting... erm... there wasn't any cutting, to put it bluntly.

Thus, I was still hesitating when we went back to the shop where my girlfriend wanted to get her pair of shoes. She's been wanting to buy them from the very beginning, but I told her to wait, because she might see something nicer a few shops down. So after quite a long deliberation, we went back to the departmental store to get her shoes, and inside that store, there was a sub-counter for PDD which threw out dinner jackets at 50% off!!! At first, I hesitated, but then, after counting a bit of money and this and that, I figured that RM180 for a suit was dirt-cheap! So without much thinking anymore, I bought it although my hands are a bit too short, and it's a bit on the tight side of my body size and weight. So, I reasoned: Dieting is easier than paying off an RM800 credit card bill.

Oh, the jacket isn't those cheap looking ones with bad tailoring and bad material. It's one of them nicer looking ones, and the most important thing was, I look rather good in it. The only problem was, it didn't come in a set. I tried to find matching pants from the '50%OFF' tray, but to no avail, no matching pants. So when i was there, still mulling over the imperfections of my imminent buy, my girlfriend asked the salesman. And after much searching, he pulled a pack out from under the '50%OFF' tray, producing a few sized 35" matching pants. Crap... why must everything be a little bit smaller than my existing frame?

I'm wearing 36" pants comfortably, and as for the suit, it's an 'L' whereas a size 'XL' would suit me fine.

And thus, I was set. The suit and pants were a little bit smaller than I am currently, but I can (MUST) diet. And all-in-all, I only spent less than RM300 for a set. Dinner jacket+matching pants+cuff links=Rm330!!! And oh... I got my white shirt for RM30 this afternoon. And I plan to buy them leather shoes from this factory outlet which costs around RM55 per pair. So, All in all, for my entire wedding outfit, I used about RM400!!! Instead of splurging out RM800 for a jacket+matching pants ONLY...

So tell me... why is it that I'm so blessed again???


Blogger BeaWuzHere said...

PDD....p diddy....puff daddy.....wahahaha

December 28, 2006 8:19 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, never invited me!!! When's the wedding anyways?? Sounds so soon. I need to get tickets for the wife and me if it's that soon!

December 29, 2006 7:53 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

B: Erm.. Not that kinda drift...

SPJ: Not so soon, but we'll be taking our photos end of Jan... The entire production process of the photo album and all that takes about 6 months... Wedding is scheduled at 24th Nov 2007. No rush...


December 29, 2006 2:30 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, guys... wedding is universal invite. If you think you're my friend, you're invited.

There's gonna be reception (luncheon) after the ceremony. And that's it.

All I need is just a rough head-count. So if you're planning to come, let me know come Oct 2007.

Cheers. SaD.jc

December 29, 2006 2:32 pm  

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