Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Just Great...

Sometimes I seriously doubt Malaysia's ability to make it (or even fake it) as a Modern Country.

They say that in a team, you are only as strong as the weakest link. It makes sense. Let's look at a chain you use to lock your bicycle outside the house. Say you have 10 rings to the chain, and 9 of them are made of cast-iron, and one in the middle of the chain is made of plastic. So, all you need to imagine is what will happen when you give the chain a good tug.

So, who are the weakest links in Malaysian society?

Let's talk about education:
The last time my bosses sent out word that there's a vacancy at the office, there was this guy who got a degree in Artificial Intelligence from a Local Uni, who was currently wiping tables at a Pizza Joint, asking for an RM800/month for a Receptionists' Job. Poverty Line in Klang Valley stands at RM1500/month. Graduate in A.I....

Let's talk about thoughfulness:
High powered executives, walking to their offices in their 'high-powered' swagger, not being able to see the poor lady who is mopping the floor, walking on the exact spot where the lady just mopped over. Cant you walk by the side of the wet floor so that the lady doesn't have to mop away your high-powered filth off the floor she just mopped 2 seconds ago? You and your walk is more important than the stupid floor eh? And you will be the first to complain if you see the floor is not properly cleaned.

Let's talk about conveniences:
"Indiscriminate Parking" Does the phrase even exist in the Malaysian Vocabulary? You park your car on the side of a busy road, haphazardly, and when you return to find a dent on the side of your car, you blame the driver who accidentally bumped into the side of your car because he/she was avoiding something else on the road, ie. haphazardly parked cars on the other side of the road... hhhmmm...

Let's talk about cleanliness:
I know rubbish bins are dirty, and you don't want to have anyhting to do with them, but that doesn't justify why you have to avoid lifting the lid and throwing your rubbish on the side of it instead of into it. And it's common to meet a car driving nonchalantly on the North-South Highway, the pride of SamyV, the bloodline of Malaysian Transportation, with windows wide open, throwing rambutan husks out of the windows in synchronised motion, from all four sides.

Let's talk about civic duty:
I know it's sometimes hard, you lead a hard life, you haven't had anything given to you except maybe free education until doctorate level at local universities, whereby you pay like RM1,500 per semester and other *more deserving tards* have to fork out RM15,000 per month to get that same degree, but from Australia/UK, and you come out and say that because you've worked so hard for your degree, you should be given a managerial level job, income and benefits? Like isn't it about time you took a raincheck and contribute back to the society that fed you through all those years of education bestowed on you? Do something.. anything that contributes to the GDP of the country instead of sitting there waiting for someone to match your salary expectations, while eating off your father's hard-earned money.

Let's talk about safety:
We are putting our lives on the line whenever we walk around because those who are supposed to keep us safe from snatch thieves are paid a 'deserving' RM650/month, whereby the poverty line is arounf RM1,500/month. Which makes me wonder, whether they are underpaid to risk their lives, or overpaid to sit around. No wonder a lot of cases go unsolved, unreported, and missing. Now I don't blame the force for harassing poor Bangladeshis to wash their cars for them. How to pay for car washes when you're on RM650/month??

Let's talk about civilisation:
People jumping queue when boarding one of the world's most advanced mass transport system. Or spitting onto the steps of the escalator because spitting on the shiny marble floor will tarnish the aesthetics of the place. Or spoilt taps and toilet seats at automatic, self-flushing toilets that probably costs a bomb to install. Nuff-sed.

Let's talk about efficiency:
It takes less than 3 years to build a 3-block, 20-storey apartment complex, and it takes 6 months for someone to take a rubber stamp, open the ink pad, stamp on ink pad, proceed to stamp on paper, and sign for effect so that the buyers of the said apartment complex can get started with moving in. I have heard that the proccess actually gets faster if 'incentives' are included.

Let's talk about US:
What are we doing to help ease/worsen these issues? We just blog about it, bask in our glory that our minds can churn up such great intelligence, bask in the prowess of our powers of observation, and we forget about it soon enough.

ah, well...


Anonymous Anonymous said...


September 19, 2006 12:07 pm  
Blogger peisheah said...

in the melancholy style of your writing, i found amusement.

September 19, 2006 10:26 pm  

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