Thursday, September 07, 2006

I'm sad...

Well, maybe that's because I choose to be... *refer to nick/pen name

Ah, the thing about me sometimes is that I just refuse to be happy. I wonder why. I seriously wonder WHY...

There are people in this world who seem to refuse happiness even when it's at their doorstep.

Negativity. It's all over the place. It's splattered over the news, all over the floor, in society, and the best is, it's not going to go away. That's why, whenever I see something like a celebrity's getting married getting the front page news, I would thank God for a peaceful yesterday.

A little yeast works through a big batch of dough. Seriously. A little bit of bad news will work through the entire fabric of society in no time.

But that still doesn't explain why so many people choose to be negative in both thought, word and deed. Wait.. that's three...


I mean, some people just like to wallow in self-made pity, that 'I am never given anything good in life', or that 'I have never had anything given to me', or even 'I'm so bad that nobody even cares a little bit about me' when they are by themselves.

Remember, this is SELF-MADE... We tend to always look at thing from a bad perspective. We drive a lousy car because we keep comparing ourselves with the people who drive a big and luxurious saloon. We have a lousy job because we always compare ourselves with those who tell you how much they enjoy theirs, over the television... We have a lousy life because we always see the good sides of our Hollywood photoshoped neighbours at their very best.

We always compare ourselves to those who are more 'fortunate' than us!!!

So, what's the fun of comparing yourselves to 'better' people only to make yourself jealous, pitiful, spiteful, and sad??



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would say that's not only self-made, it will be also self-centered.. jus like the apostle, Peter, when he walked on the water, he only noticed the wind instead of fixing his eyes on Jesus to walk by faith on the water. sometime in our life, no, it's most of the time in our life, we tend to focus on the wind often instead of fully rely upon Jesus and be positive to know that God is always there to help. in Roman 4 :16-17 implies that, God is our Creator who can create something from nothing and a Life Giver who can give life to the death.. Nothing is impossible in Him.. Do not be discourage but be strong and courages. u r never alone..

September 07, 2006 9:10 pm  

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