Thursday, September 14, 2006

Rush, rush, Rush...

I know, we live in the city, and life is both challenging and demanding...

But sometimes, I just can't put my logic behind someone who rushes for something that's just sitting there.

This morning, I was met with a long queue at the LRT station. The trains were slow in coming and people started to get restless. I wasn't rushing to the office as I am always early. I need to drop off my girlfriend at her office before 8.30am, and my office hours start at 9.30am. So I have a good 1 hour to traverse the 20 minutes worth of the LRT ride everyday.

So, this morning, it was raining and the lines were packing up at the platforms. the wretched trains never come quick enough as it were.

So this lady, whom I presume is a lawyer, with her big leather bag, the one that most lawyers carry around, was trying to vent her frustration at something, anything! She came with her massive bag that made this rumbling sound as the wheels of the bag rolled against the floor, and she parked the bag just behind me.

The queue was long, and the first train came. It was packed to the brim. A few passangers struggled to get out, whilst the people in front of me in the queue tried to cramp in. The doors started to close and the train was full, well, apparently, not full enough for Ms. Lawyer here... "Oi, still got lots a space wah!" was what came out of her mouth. She was already parallel with me in the line now, pushing me towards the 'side' of the queue.

I didn't make a sound, nor did I want to look at her.

Then the next train came in less than 2 minutes, and because everyone rushed into the previous train, this one came with ample space for everyone. It wasn't full at all, no more seats, but lots of standing space. That was apparent from the outside, looking in.

But Ms. Lawyer here, was apparently rushing off to somewhere. And she rushed in to the front of the queue as soon as the train opened its doors, trawling her bag against the legs of unsuspecting commuters who want to get onto the same train.

Maybe she was afraid that she will not have enough space for her to plonk her humongous bag. Maybe she's rushing to court, or maybe she's just in the 'rushing mode'.

Whatever it was, the train had ample space, and if she rushed in because she was afraid there won't be space for her bag, then shewould probably need spectacles, and some common manners.

If she rushed in because she's rushing to court, then she is must have mistaken the train for an escalator, because however fast she gets on the train also, everyone arrives at the same station at the same time.

If she is just in her 'rush-mode' then I would like to know why, she would want to rush when it is so apparent that there's nothing to rush for?

A lot of our failings in life have come from a lack of foresight. I mean, no one knows what will happen in the future, but there are certain things that are a surety! Like in this case. You rush into the train, make snide and sarcastic remarks at the failings of the system, rubbing off some anger and hatred into those who are around you, and you arrive at the same station at the same time as everyone else!

What for??


Anonymous Hiresh said...

Haha..right you are! Wonder how Eric Lee feels though...

September 14, 2006 9:04 pm  
Blogger peisheah said...

aw, come on - we're like that sometimes when we're late.

September 15, 2006 9:34 pm  

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