Wednesday, September 06, 2006

It's weird being a human being

Well, for one, I am indeed human, and I have emotions.

Funny, sometimes, however hard we tell ourselves, "Do not be consumed by your own emotions," we still inevitably do!

Well, the biggest mistakes of our lives would have mostly came from our inability to control our emotions. .No matter who we are, there has to be a moment in your lifetime where you are still silently suffering with a tinge of regret that maybe, on that particular day, you shouldn't have let your emotions got the better of you.

But then, we are made to be emotional beings. Most of our our quests for God/godliness partially stems from our emotion of guilt, sinfulness, imperfection, and other things related to the not-so-logical side of our being.

We seek love because we are emotionally in need. We seek for attention because we are have an emotional need.

And thus, we have got to be controlled by our own emotions.

But then, a lot of things, in my honest opinion, stems from ourselves and our inability to think logically. Sometimes, we let ourselve get caught in our own emotions because we made an illogical step towards making ourselves vulnerable. I'm not saying that we should always build a wall *Hiresh* around our lives, but sometimes, we have to take into consideration that we are indeed at fault for some choices that we make in our lives based on illogical emotions.

A friend always tell me to hold things back a while before I blurt it out, so that when my emotions calm down, I can revisit the issue with a more objective mind. Good advice, I say.

Many a time, I have found myself in a position whereby I have revisited my drafted emails, or blog posts, and say to myself, "Thank God I didn't send that out!"


*Builds Wall...


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I agree.
Its through those passing memories that makes u learn one thing about those overdramatize emotions.

No man's an Island.
The building wall part, times i wonder about 'these sort of people' who choose to bury their private emotions deep, how long will they last til they erupt?

men fear change and dread repetitive motions in life, therefore what is life? beats me, thats why blog was taken up across the uber-sadist cyberworld. hahahahaha.........

September 07, 2006 2:36 am  
Blogger BeaWuzHere said...

chat more with God! hahahahaha

September 07, 2006 6:38 pm  

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