Friday, July 07, 2006


Good news or bad news??

Ok lah, I'll give you the bad news first, so that we'll have a happy ending.

Well, I asked 'Why' because I have been scouring the recruitment pages for work to do, but it seems to be futile. Maybe it's the second half of the year and all that, and companies are just not going to bring in new people. Then there'll be a mad rush for the combined Deepa-Raya celebrations to earn more, to get the economy going... But why, are there no jobs available for someone like me???

It's frustrating that I can't seem to find anything... I am seriously wondering whether the economy is that bad until no one dares hire any new hands... So how lah? Fresh Grads need to have what then only can survive?? Well, I saw this little advertisement on the net, but the freaking application form is filled with so many requirements that will already make you inferior before you step into the company for an interview. The qualifications and the amount of information you have to give them is appalling to say the least. After that form, I won't be surprised if they asked me where my mother grew up during the interview. Heck, with such a form, you won't even need to go for an interview...


Well, the good news is: I am rather broke this month, and I am trying to conserve my resources so that I can live on less than RM10 per day. My first line of defense, skip breakfast. But this morning, feeling slightly hungered, I trod to the mamak beneath my office, at first wanting to buy a piece of newspaper, just to take a look into the recruitment pages, and later contemplate if I'd have breakfast according to how much I can afford. I had RM2 in my wallet, a few coins in my pockets, and a couple of tens. And as I am reluctant to use the tens because I am poor this month, I have to use every cent slowly. So, thankfully, God has been good as I found RM1 on the floor of the restaurant!!! Yeah!! That's 2 pieces of Roti-Bakar, thank you... Breakfast + Paper amounts to RM3.80 and I had RM2 from my wallet + RM1 form the floor + RM0.80 in my pockets from the car coin box.

The most thankful piece of breakfast I've ever had all my life... ahahahaha


Anonymous Hiresh said...

What did you have for your breakfast anyway? Besides the roti Bakar? Haha

July 09, 2006 10:05 am  
Blogger SaDdNesZ.jc said...

Roti Bakar x2 = RM1.60
Teh Tarik = RM1.00
Papers = RM1.20

You do the math...

Oh, I found another piece of RM1 at the stairscase on my way home..

God must be trying to tell me something...

July 09, 2006 8:43 pm  

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