Thursday, July 06, 2006


Wah, at last, after a long and hard struggle, the broadband connection at my girlfriend's place has been set-up.

A lot happened. Shitty business, but well, after a long week, over the weekend, and a lot of other businesses, I can now access the internet at my girlfriend's place!!

Well, that's the only piece of good news that I can afford this sad blog.

Oh, wait... I also got my 1 week vacation back to my hometown secured. The only problem is, things can't go as planned, simply because some travelling plans have to be changed by third party influences. Which is easier on the pockets as well. Heh...

Ah, after a good few weeks of busy-ness, it's about time things slowed down. I have been exhausted for the past two weeks. I don't know why, but it seems that I just can't get enough rest nowadays. I've not been following the World Cup day-and-night, I am actually surprised that I became a casual fan for this round's World Cup... Maybe because the style of play doesn't really appeal to me as Liverpool FC does. Maybe it's down to being frustrated by England's Coach, Sven Goreng Erixxxon.

Well, since I'm known to be an ardent fan of the 'Beautiful Game', and it's just not right to 'not-write-about' the World Cup, i'll dedicate this post to the World's Premier sporting event.

*Sticks tongue out, blows wind through the little openings making a 'pffffffllllfffflllltttt' sound... and ends with a 'Puik'...*

So there you go, this once in 4 years pinnacle of World sport, there's your commentary from me, an ardent fan of yours...


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