Monday, May 15, 2006

What Weekend???

Somehow, I didn't overwork myself over the weekend... but still I woke up this morning feeling gutted, demotivated, unmoved...

Snoozed all the way until it was too late to get up, tried to sleep in the LRT, zombied to the office, and head a hearty breakfast of Roti Bakar at the Mamak Stall below my office.

The good news of the week is, my team won the FA Cup Finals!!! But it was a game that's not too good for the heart. It does start to seem that Liverpool has this thing for dramatic and heart stopping finals. But heck, they're a team that's gonna go places. So CONGRATS TO ME AND ALL THE LIVERPOOL FC SUPPORTERS!!!!

Oh, Cell Group also multiplied last weekend. YEAH!!! More to come, Bring it on y'all... (ok, ok, I'm stopping this American-afro stuff) But yeah. It's gonna be a new challenge, a new group, a new culture, and a new calling. More work needs to be done, but it's a cause for celebration.

But I stil find myself deflated physically. Mentally I'm doing ok I guess, but physically... sigh... I couldn't even run properly at the football match on Sunday...

I need a rest...


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