Monday, May 15, 2006

Weakness is only a State of Mind

A lot of things will happen in our lives. Saddness, difficulties, happiness, loss, hope, love, joy...

I would say, life is like a football match. It balances out. Sometimes, you get the odd lucky goal that went in via the back of your heel, even if you didn't mean to shoot it. Then you can shoot and shoot and shoot, but it doesn't go in.

Sometimes, effort doesn't really justify the results. Sometimes, the results don't justify the effort that's been put in.

But as human beings, brought up on the misconception of 'negativity = prudence', sometimes, we tend to forget that we are thinking on the weaker side of things.

A team that doesn't attack will not score a goal. It's a simple fact of life. Opportunities are there for you to grab, it's everywhere! But if you don't attack it, and choose to live in the negativity of prudence, you will simply not score a goal. Never.

Besides, a team who constantly defends does not have the guarantee of keeping the other team from scoring.

So what's wrong with attacking then?

If you fail this time, you go home, you take the points learned from this defeat, and start to work at your weaknesses. Improve. Do not lie down and think that you are weak. Do not believe that you are weak. Once you sort out your mistakes, your defense will automatically be improved. But if you only work on your defense, then you will never attack. You won't lose a game, but you will never win it either if you don't score.

But also listen to your own body. Like me. If you feel sleepy, sleep. Don't think that you can attack your enemy whilst still in a zombified state.

I think that's it then. I'm off to slumberland for a while...


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