Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Sometimes, CommonSense

Ain't too common...

Sometimes I wonder if we, Malaysians, use our brains at all...

So the story goes...

There was this lady waiting in line at the LRT station. The train came, its doors swung open and immediately the lady tried to force her way into the train. Then this big guy behind her had the smarts to tick her off by saying 'Excuse me, lady, we're all waiting in line here, could you just let the people come out from the train first?'

Rightly so!

It's just plain stupid. There are people who are already struggling to find a gap in between the sardine packed commuters and there was this lady trying to worsen the the situation by pushing people inside??? Where was her common sense? Goodness, where was her brain??

And to think that she got off somewhere in the City Centre, she must be working in some major company as an executive at least. We're talking about degree holders here, for crying out loud... Sheesh...

Then there's the common Kiasu Rush of traffic.

Accidents happen. Almots everyday. Well, sometimes on the other side of the road. And these people... they slow down their cars to see.

And most people fail to realise that by doing so, ONE single stop can cause a jam for up to a few kilometres. Here's how it happens. You stop in the middle of nowhere, cars behind you will inevitably stop too. And once they feel that you've stopped for no particular reason, they will try to find a reason. Curiousity does kill the cat. And so, they waste a second or so to spot the commotion. And soon enough, the cars behind will stop too. Assuming that every car stops for 1 second, and it takes another second for the driver to set his gear back to 1st. 10 cars makes it 20 seconds. And then, take into consideration that not all cars have an equal acceleration rate. There are jokers out there who would accelerate and tailgate the car in front, whereas others have a slower acceleration rate. So those who have a faster acceleration rate will inevitably have to stop for the car in front which has not got so much power in its engine. So it becomes a game of Accelerate vs. Brake. And once it goes into this mode, the jam will start to pile for another few kilometres...

And at this point, if everyone had a little bit of patience, and drive at a steady 20-25 kilometres per hour, the jam would ease up rather quickly. Everyone would be able to move smoothly and there won't be any need to braking and accelerating.

But then, this is Malaysia. We like the jam... Without the jam, we won't be able to put one leg up and drive with our left leg (applicable to auto-transmission cars only), or take time to show some love to our passenger with some excessive PDA, or pick our noses and throw the boogger out of the window, or take a slow ciggie while dangling our hands out of the window.

Without the jam, we won't have a 'valid' let out of cuss words that's been stored in our bodies after an entire day's work. We can't target them at our bosses, and we shouldn't let out at our families, so why not used the stored up energy at some 'hero' driver who tries to cut lanes without signalling?


I seriously wonder why our graduates can graduate with so many degrees, professional papers, and yet have no common sense.


Anonymous yee said...

Yeah, and in Malaysia, they've never heard of the word 'queue' either.

It's a common sight with the crowd of commuters, where all would have 'decently' lined up themselves to wait for the next train..

But when it did arrive, all hell break loose. Reminds me of boarding school bus when I was a kid. Only thing is, we're kids then.

May 17, 2006 3:48 pm  

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