Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Writer Down... Writer Down!!!

It's saddening when you think about it... That I have become an uninspired writer... But I guess every writer goes through a bad spell every now and then.

So... What should I blog about these few days? Nothing...

I have just came to realise that blogging has awaken a part of me. I do not read enough shit to spew out.. I just realised that I have shat all that I know about life and the sorts. Or is it that I have not been around enough to get myself some mental stimulation.

It's not easy to stimulate the mind of an existentialist mind you, because to us, we think that everything on earth is temporal. It will amount to nothing. Naked I came from my mother's womb, naked I shall go into eternity. It would either be eternal happiness or eternal hell... Sigh... Sometimes I do find myself questioning eternity. Do I really want it?

I really wonder how it is like to not be bound by time. That the concept of time is not linear, and that chronology doesn't move in one direction... Heck, eternity means that there is no such thing as Chronology!!!

ARGGHHHH... I'm just pissed... for no reason...


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