Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Wretched Wednesday

I'm here sitting in the office at a little before 10.30am, and I'm done for the day...

What did I even come back to the office for??

Well, I came back to the office to sit around, waste overhead costs on air-conditioning, and to chat, and BLOG of course.

I would also like to wish my (potentially) ardent readers a good weekend ahead, happy Dee(pa)vali and Selamat Hari Raya.

Well, life has been ok so far. Wasted the whole of yesterday, didn't got myself resolved enough to start doing my chores yet. Maybe tomorrow... There's always tomorrow... hehehehe

I find myself always wanting to live on borrowed time. It's more interesting that way. On one hand, there's no rush to get anyhting done in a hurry, but yet I still find the incessant need to plan ahead. Like, how much time do I need to do this chore or that chore, how much time should I allocate for my girlfriend, and how much time should be used doing this or that.

I'm a control freak! (There. I've said it. I admit to it. Satisfied? Now Shoo!)

Well... leave me be... let me rot here in the office while all of your out there are on leave or something like that.

go... I'll be fine...


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