Monday, August 13, 2007

Save Our Nation

Yes, yes, to those who know me well enough, you didn't read me wrong...

I am known to be one of the most anti-establishment persons among my circle of friends. I do not like rules and regulations that make no sense to me. Thus, this actually tells you my whole understanding and my point of view on the government and the law.

It's a little freaky to have been inspired to sing the song 'Save Australia' by a Christian band in church, but to change the lyrics to suit our local context. It is also a little freaky to watch Evan Almighty. It is also a little freaky to have read countless news articles about the Malaysian Dream that was birthed by our nation's building fathers.

For my entire understanding life, I have never seen the need to accomodate the rotating Sultanate system in this country. But only of late, since the newspapers are publishing story upon story about those who aspired to build our nation into a truly united and peaceful conglomerate, filled with happy citizens, all working hard and willing to die for the land which they were born into, working for a better tomorrow, and sacrificing ourselves for the Malaysian Ideal, only then I knew that there are indeed some good rulers in this place.

The Malaysian Idea was born not out of greed, nor out of self-preservation, but out of an ideal that we, can make it as a nation, and that we can be great.

But look at what we have become today. It saddens me that the people of today actually got smarter but know less about what our country was built for. We have now turned into a people where when given a chance, will leave this country for 'a better tomorrow'. We have become a nation that has lost hope in itself; a people that is only thinking about saving our own skins; a people who don't want to be associated with our actual nationality. Just take a good look at your friends. How many of them actually think that they are 'stuck' here? How many would go out to Australia for studies and not come back? A country that was set-up because of vile convicts is now more appealing to us than our own land where our grandfathers died protecting?

The Malaysian Idea, in the beginning, if you can read between the lines of the articles that, only until now, are published, was of a nation that is united; a nation that is sovereign; a nation that saw our leaders sacrifice for the people of this country; a nation that had so much potential, a nation that meant something to its citizens.

But somewhere along the way, something went wrong. And what you see today, is actually so far from the ideals that our nation's fathers have envisaged. And we could only ask ourselves 'Why?'

I'll tell you 'why'... Coz someone once wrote 'Everything rises and falls with leadership'.

So, God must be trying to tell me something.
1. Our nation needs help; His help.
2. Changing the nation starts with one act at a time.
3. That there is still hope.


Blogger Sir Paul Johns said...

My comment is no comment.

But somehow I get your drift.

Direct lineage on the stage also sways me to the thought.

So what happened? I think, I don't know. I'm no politician.

I just try my bestest to not insult my country, but you know how hard it is for us to do that, but no matter what, Malaysia is the only place that I can get cigarettes for a cheap fee :P compared to USA, UK and AUS la.

Oh and another thing, Malaysia is the only place where I can be the social un-norm, too many weird people of shores, I like to be the weirdest here :P

August 15, 2007 1:09 am  
Blogger Lydiaclo said...

Hey Desmond...great article that you wrote...haha...


August 17, 2007 3:32 pm  

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