Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Oh, Hello...

Yes, to all my hoarding legion of 5 readers, I am still relatively alive.

Life hasn't been great, but I'm not complaining. Work has been ok, in a sense that I have something to do at the office for the past 2 days.

Nothing new to report.

I'm still in delirium.

I went for the 2nd interview, and the GM asked the more questions. It was meant to be tough, and I think I handled it pretty well.

Still no news yet, but I think an offer is imminent, considering the fact that the department is depleted, understaffed, over-worked, but relatively well-paid.

So, I'm sitting at the office, taking my own sweet time when my colleagues are sweating bullets out of their eyebrows because the clients are being a pain in the nether regions. Everyone asking for more things at a shorter notice. Imagine the chaos. Sometimes, I really wonder, whether the clients are really stupid, or are they are so smart that they're acting stupid to get the mickey out of us. There's a conspiracy I tell ya...

Well, there's so much to do, and I can only wonder what it'll be like later in the month, whereby I'll have tonnes of stuff to check, cross reference, and double check.

My plight now, is to try to find a way to escape this stupendous situation of mine as soon as possible.

I just hope I can get an offer on the table VERY soon.

Well, life's a bore.


Blogger peisheah said...

well, i miss u yesterday when u went 4 your interview. anyway, hope that u can get what u want. but will u still be able to blog over there?

October 04, 2006 11:13 pm  
Blogger SaDdNesZ.jc said...

PeiSheah: Blogging would be a luxury at the new place, IF I do get an offer. As of now, there's a bit of trouble brewing up at the company because my girlfriend works in the HR Dept, and has access to some very confidential info, they are concerned if I'll become a political pawn for my manager, or that this pressure might be too much for my girlfriend to bear. Thus, this deal might not go through.

But if it does go through, blogging will be few and far in between, unless I do it from home... heh...

The pay's expected to be quite high, and the work-rate, MUCH HIGHER... So...

Well, I will miss blogging very much and I don't feel right if I didn't blog for a day.

So, I'm hoping for the best, and praying for more than that... :)

October 05, 2006 9:50 am  

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