Friday, September 01, 2006


If there's the one thing that you would have me name as the most lethal, silent killer of society today, I would say, "A Lack of Faithfulness".

We have been made into a society that consumes things. We consume goods and services, and we provide them as well. Friends are not just friends, but potential customers, and potential suppliers. You make friends with the person who will surely give you something good.

It's business, some say. Purely business.

I am not bound by anything as long as I don't owe you anything.

So, the same goes for relationships and other things. Relationships with your partner, your spouse, are tense because both of you tend to 'consume' each other's good points, and we are more than vocal in asking your 'service provider' to de-bug according to your, the customer's, satisfaction.

In the end, whether you and your partner 'clicks' or not, depends on whether the fella can step-up and meet your needs.

If the poor fella cannot... then it's end of the story, and you go to find someone who can fulfil your needs... afterall, you're paying with your life as it were.

So, when does this choosing end? Marriage? Or when you're too old and tired to hop around?

Or death?

Or never??


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