Friday, August 25, 2006

Trick Question..

So now... this morning, while I was on the train contemplating whether to have breakfast or not, of what to eat, and where to eat, I came across this simple yet unassuming question:

'Where did rice come from?'

I mean, who in the ancient first place, would have thought of putting grain into water and boil it into fluffy white goodness that gives Asia its staple energy? I mean, imagine you were a neolithic man, just found how fire can do wonders, and you have gotten tired of running around the place trying to catch animals that run faster than you do.

What would have made you to take grain from the stalk, beat it a bit, wind off the husk, and put the darn thing into water and boil??

It must have taken years or even generations to figure those steps out!!!

I only wonder how did they come up with something like that?? Imagine the trial and error that could have taken place... And I wonder why they didn't abandon the idea after the first few failures...

So.. there you go...

Before you dig in... try figuring this out...


Anonymous Michele said...

You know what?

I think you think too much. Yes.

August 27, 2006 10:45 pm  

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