Thursday, September 21, 2006


I've been saying/using quite a lot of the word 'Crap' lately... I wonder if it's proper...

I mean, when I get something wwrong, I go 'Crap!'...

and when I meet with something that needs an exclamation, I scream 'Crap!'

then, if something unexpected comes up, I exclaim, 'Crap!' again!

I see injustice on the side of the road, I'll think, 'Crap, that guy's had it hard.'

I find a dead dog on the road to work, I go 'Crap, that stinks!'

Or I wanna go to relieve myself in the toilet, I'll say to the guy I'm chatting with, "Crap, I need to go crap. BRB"

There's so many uses and intentions for the word Crap that I should patent it and make a drink out of it, make loads of crappy money and be a crappy businessman, who drives a crappy car, with a crappy exhaust, who says 'Crap' a lot!!!

"Waiter! Where's my cup of crappucino? Crap..."


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September 23, 2006 10:20 am  

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