Thursday, August 03, 2006


I hate it when life throws you a curve ball.

You get emotional over small things, and you get confused on big things.

The more curve balls I get, I am learning more about myself with each and every hit.

I would like to envisage myself as a man's man. And I would shed blood rather than to shed tears. But sometimes, I do find myself watery-eyed at a touching movie, or when I am touched by a song.

I have also found out that I am not as tough as I would like to think myself as. My weakness, is my strength. And that is not necessarily a good thing.

Well, as those who know about it already, I'll be off to my hometown for 1 week!!! Yayness!!! (spare me a bimbotic moment can?)

Ah... the smell of fresh air as compared to the carbon-monoxide of KL, the smell of the sea, the sound of birds chirping on the trees outside your window. Sigh, I am starting to forget about those days. Heck, I don't even have a home to return to now. My room's been taken over, and I have nothing back there. No old clothes, no old shoes, no nothing. Save for a few trophies that I won during my time in secondary school. There might be some other trinkets here and there, but basically, nothing.

I wonder how it is for a man to stay in the same house for his entire life. Sometimes, you do get to visit a house that has stuff in it from ages past, and you go, 'Whao!' But those are a rarity now, and what would have been antiques of the future are now being discarded into the trash as soon as we move to a new place.

Well, the reason being, a lot of us like to travel light. That's why the currently old trend of minimalising things have been popular amongst today's people.

No one makes the effort to put any effort into their work nowadays. Everyone just wants to get rich. Well, maybe not rich, but at least an earning curve that is growing faster than the inflation rate of the world. And only a few manage to do that. While most of us minions are rushing for work, there are people who are earning a significant amount of money even while they're waking up. But let's not talk about them.

The problem with us today is that most of us fail to realise, well, not most, but a good 99.99% percent of the earth's population fail to realise that there is more to life. Life is not just about rushing to work so that we get a good comment from our boss, nor getting that deal sealed so that we can gain a larger commission package, nor about getting that promotion so that you're slowly but surely climbing up the corporate food chain. Life is about taking the time to breathe in the essence of life. If only people will just stop working for one day, and contemplate on life itself, then, maybe they will realise that all this rushing will bear no consequence. I mean, however much you rush to and from work, however much you do at work, however much you buy and sell, however much you earn, you will still not be able to catch up with inflation.

It's a futile race.

Once you stop working, inflation will over take you like a tidal wave. And we can't be working our entire lives can't we? But we can't just sit here and wait neither!

I've met a girl who worked so hard at her direct sales gig that she wanted to retire at the age of 26. That was quite a few years ago. I hope she did it, and is now enjoying her retirement. But one thing is for sure. However much she accumulated in the form of bonds and shares, and wealth management stocks, inflation will surely catch up with her. The inflation rate that the wealth managers project in their statistics are always at around 6% - 8%, and they will surely promise you a return on investment of a little more than that. But when it comes down to the street level, you find actual inflation going up by 20%-30% each year!

So, you still wanna race?

In the end, it all comes to nothing.
We race, and rant, and race...
We toil and labour and rush off to vacations,
We take holidays to 'recharge' so that we can work even more!

And in the end, the inevitable catches up with us. Death.

Everyone dies. Everyone comes with nothing, and goes with nothing. But why are people so in a rush to find something to hold on to during their short lifetime?

Our lives, compared to the timeline of the entire history of man, are like the grass; here today, gone tomorrow.

What we have now, is of no significance to where we will end up in death. Why would we even want to die and leave tonnes of stuff to our kin? Do they even want these things?

Why then, would we want to rush through our lives and work for finite things? Why wouldn't we want to spend the little time that we have during our insignificant lifetime with those whom we love?

Why would we want to rush to our death?


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