Thursday, June 29, 2006

Thank God...

Pay Cheques are out...

Erm, well, I guess that the company does have a cache of more than RM56K lying around its coffers...

Or are they just trying to give us the impression that all's well.

From the reactions that I got from friends, most of them are trying to look at this current 'crisis' from a positive attitude. But somehow, something my heart still refuses to feel positive about this. Partially, it may have stemmed from the fact that I have no interest in the welfare of this sorry excuse of an ad agency, nor my bosses, because sometimes, from their actions at the office, it warrants a 'See, I told you so' or 'Serves you right'.

I wouldn't say that they are the worst bosses there is, but they do need to set their priorities straight. Well, maybe I should not judge them based on what I see, but what they have been portraying themselves as really kind of pisses everyone off.

I am still actually very much thinking about the implications of the major loss resulting from a trivial (but vital) mistake made by my colleague, because when I mentioned it to my mom on the phone last night, her first reaction was 'Wah, that means no bonus for this year loh?'

How true.

Which makes it a lot more easier for me to leave this sorry estate...


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