Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Double Rats!!!

I slept, and I woke up two minutes later!!!

Well, at least it felt that way... I am washed out, drained of my energy and I want sleep.

Somehow, the Holiday yesterday didn't felt anything remotely close to a day of rest... And I'm feeling it physically...

Well, it's another sluggish day at the office for me then...

Will probably post more when my brain decides to start functioning.


Speaking of addendums...

My brain decided to wake up, albeit momentarily...

Well, I was in church the other day and the preacher gave me a wake-up call of sorts.

We live in a 'fast' world nowadays. Everything that we do must be fast. Eat fast, breathe fast, drive fast, communicate fast, talk fast, everything FAST-FAST-FAST!!!!

Well, talking about being fast this and that, I was just offered 'help' in getting into a rather FAST moving job. I wonder if I should take the challenge. I mean, I've had people telling me all sorts of things with regards to "I think you'll do well in this job, or that one..." But seriously, I wouldn't like to hasten my departure with a fast heart seizure...

I do have to tell you that if I die some day, out of nothing, there would be only two things that will kill me in this world; An Accident, or a Heart Attack!!!

I've been weak at the heart since I was young. My stamina has never been great, and although I have a rather large lung capacity (my rib cage is freaking huge ok), I have never really been good with stamina, nor underwater stunts. So, it's a 'birth defect' if you want to look at it like that... But I would say that it is indeed a form of disadvantage.

I've had doctors telling me the same things... that my heart is weak... So...

Well, coming back to this fast thing, I seriously wonder where the world is heading. If everything was 'fast' and all... I mean, nowadays, everything in the economy is a Fast Moving Consumer Good. And because we are constantly in the FMCG loop, we need to work faster. And sometimes, this means longer working hours just to get something done fast. The bosses knows that it could be done tonight if only you would pull a few strings and they know that they can demand it. Afterall, they want fast profits.

But has anyone ever stopped to think wait a minute... What will I get out of this mad mad rush?

Today's 'Fast Economy' has landed us with crazy working hours, endless hours on the phone trying to call this or that supplier, little time to rest, and a life that isn't really a life at all.

I mean, what's all this for? The working conditions of today is as such that we can only have REAL rest when there's a problem with our health! Once we are still on the clear side of health, we will work and work and work until we are run down and dying.

How many times have we met with people who turned down an appointment / dinner date with an old friend because he or she is working late??

Ever since I've started working, I have not for once been able to promise a friend that 'Yes, I'll join you for dinner tonight'. It's always, "I'll give you a call as and when I leave the office." And once of this, twice, thrice, and the friend no longer calls you for dinner anymore.

So we work our asses off during the week, and during the weekends, we spend the whole 48 hours of Saturday and Sunday to catch up with our non-existant social life. Heck, some people would fill that with some thrifty Multi-Level-Marketing seminars and shit like that.

Work while you can... Do all you can... Step-up to every challenge... and die from working too hard?

Is that what you want?


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