Wednesday, March 08, 2006


it's getting freaky at the office.

Work is coming in like no one's business and most of it cannot and will not be billed. Free stuff for the clients, and a whole lot of monkey business...

Phone call #1 : Oh, could you be a dear and send me the high-res pics of this shot and that shot?

Phone call #2 : Eh, I forgot the other one, can you save that into the CD for me also, Urgent ah. Thanks.

Phone call #3 : (Another client, same company) Where's my leaflet artwork? "But I just sent..." Email it to me please.

Phone call #4 : (The same client from above) Why so long haven't arrive one? "But it says 'Sent'..." Email it again!

Phone call #5 : Where's your boss?

Phone call #6 : I'm coming for an interview, erm, where's your office ah?

Phone call #7 : (Client from Phone call #1) Where are my high-res pics? Done already?


Then there are taglines to write, interview to be done at the client's office so that I will gain a 'better understanding' of what it really is like. So that my copy will be a true representation the company. And I find myself on my way up to Genting tomorrow morning. That's freaking 45 minutes on the LRT!!! Then the bus, then the SkyWay...

Well, I hope that I'll get compensated for it... hehehehe


Life's like a box of expired chocolates... You'll never know what hit you... until it's too late...

Oh, have I forgotten to tell you that I am now the Office Receptionist, FA Artist, Despatch, Disk Burner, Photostater, Waterboy, Mr. Favour, Stand-in Designer, and Copywriter? Not that I am paid extra or anything, nor am I good at any of the above except at what I was paid for, but shit, it's a shit load of unnecessary monkey business on my part. It's only a matter of time before they'll ask me to clean the floor and shit...


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