Friday, November 25, 2005


AT LAST IT'S A FRIDAY!!! and tomorrow is not a working day!!! WOOHOO!!!

But still, I have a good 9 hours to go until today ends... What am I going to do throughout today?? Habislah...

Till then, leave me to rot in nothingness...

My brain's not working... tried to get a crank start out of it, but nothing...

Well, my mom called last night. And until the moment before that, I realised that I have been so detached from my family. It must've been about 2 weeks since my last call home. A prodigal son I have become. It's not that I purposely avoid calling my folks, but I've been so busy with this and that, until I have not called back for a good two weeks!!!

I feel so bad. But the demands of work and faith have been so great until a man like me cannot find the time for everything.

However, my friend always tells me. "If we do not live by priority, we will live by pressure."

Very true. If we do not set our priorities straight, we will simply be a reed being blown by the wind. When people demand for something, you'd say 'Yeah, no prob." Then, your life will be all about doing others favours at the expense of your own life. Not that helping others is not good, but if it encrouches into your personal life, and what you should be doing, then maybe it needs a tweak.

If you do not stand firm on your own priorities, then whenever people press you even a little, you'll buckle and submit to the pressure.

Then what will you become? You live your life for others. Never for yourself. Then you'll complain that you have no time. Then you will have regretted not being there for someone.

Time passes never to return. We can only recollect time in the recesses of our minds by playing back memories and fantasies of what might have been.

My mom has always told me since very young ~ Do what you're supposed to do at your age, and make sure you will not look back at it with regret. My mom... She's been such an influence in my life. She still is. Always will be.

A semi-understandable post. Half intellectual, half emotional.. Not a good mix...


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