Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The war has ended...

It's not everyday that I can come up with some stupendous claim that would outrage an entire group of people.

So... I'm kind of enjoying the peace for now.

Well, amidst all the debate on which word was wrong, who said what to make who angry, who lost cool over a few petty remarks, and who gave the most opposition, the original intent of the post was lost. Drowned out by the debate itself.

It seems that people are more into protecting the 'innocent' rather than indulge in some religious discourse. Maybe it's because we have been brought up to tolerate other people's beliefs until a point that it has become a taboo. You don't touch my belief, I don't touch your belief.

Well, my intention with the post ~ I did not outright condemn the act of homosexuality and the transexual operation, but it was used as the catalyst to bring up the point of the church condoning the marriage between a transexual and his (currently 'her') toyboy. Well, from the looks of it, the fella has got quite a lot of media hounds on 'her' trail. If you are someone who is into conspiracy theories, then it spells 'Publicity Stunt'!!! Blatantly!! Well, the fact that the fella sells some health products for a living, there's no harm in getting (in)famous. Besides, rumour has it that 'she' made it such a public event so that the groom's photos will be splashed across the papers, thus subjecting the guy to a 'life imprisonment' per se. Now that everyone knows who he is and how he looks like, the poor guy has no choice but to stay with 'her' until kingdom come! Poor guy... But that's not the point!

*Shakes head, clears mind*

No wonder people don't see the point. I too can get caught up with these rumours and get carried away. So easily!!!

Well, this is another stupendous and meaningless post. My brain's on half-day leave for now. I need the rest. All this warring has left me rather exhausted.


Blogger Chienne said...

don't bother to fight battles you can't win. sometimes the silent snake has more to gain. =)

November 23, 2005 8:03 pm  
Blogger SaDdNesZ.jc said...

Snake, I am... Silent, I am not...


Well, what to do, I was caught between "retaliate ~ cannot, stay silent ~ cannot..."

November 24, 2005 9:37 am  

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