Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Was trying to look busy when...

I found an article in the news.

I don't know why I can't link the URL from my mac, but anyhow, here's the address:


It baffled me that this woman was trying to delete the word 'Islam' as her religion stated in her Identity Card. (and apparently, only Moslems get their religions printed on thier IC's) She wanted to delete the word because she simply did not profess the faith anymore. The issue here is that the judge highlighted the reason for this refusal because she was 'Malay'. I do know that in the Malaysian Constitution, when you're born into a Malay family, you're automatically Islam by faith. Heck, it even says that if you speak the Malay language, and profess to live according to Malay customs, you can even apply to be 'Islam'. It's a coveted commodity here y'know.

What I do not understand is; Why, in this day and age, we are not given a free choice? I mean, as Malaysians, we are called to believe in God, (remember the Rukun Negara?) But then, forcing someone to carry a belief whereby she has already publicly renounced is pure baffling. You can see conversions all over the place, Christians converting to Islam, Buddhists converting to Christianity, and vice-versa, and it all happens everywhere. People are fickle minded. We are individualistic. Us, sinful beings, always take up a faith that benefits us, that makes us feel good about ourselves, and apparently brings us closer to God. (Yes, normally in that particular order) But heck, why does the Government want to stop someone from changing their status from Islam to Christian or any other faith for that matter? Isn't that an act which degrades the person from a 1st class citizen into a demi-citizen who will receive no aid, no privileges and no free education at local universities? Isn't that a move that will benefit the Government in monetary terms? No more spoon feeding these individuals?

In a way, the Government is telling the people that "You cannot convert from Islam because you were born into it". Then, this is not a free country no more? This is telling me that my fate is determined by my parentage. And when you look at it, isn't this a form of racial discrimination? Why are some races free to practise and profess their faith, and change everytime they feel like it, but yet, others aren't able to do so because it's against the law?

Besides, the woman's not practising her faith no more. Why keep her status?

It's like keeping an employee under your payroll even after the person has left the company. Where's the common sense in that?

*I could get into trouble with this, so.... Feds, come and get me lar*


Anonymous david said...

hey man, i don't want our next gathering to be in Kamunting prison ah.. that's just one of the features of our 'Boleh' country, what to do?

btw i think you can't create the link coz you're using Mac IE. solution: download firefox. then double click it and the disk image will mount. drag the firefox icon to your applications folder. use firefox and you should be golden.

p.s. do you ever check your comments anyway?

September 20, 2005 11:48 pm  
Blogger SaDdNesZ.jc said...

of course i check my comments... I check them all the time...


Thanks for the tips...

September 21, 2005 9:25 am  

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