Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lagging Jet Lag??

Suddenly, out of no where, I feel like my body begs for me to rest. I wonder if it's a lagging jet lag or is my body telling me that it's been more than 6 days since I took a break. You see, my normal day offs are on Wednesdays, and this Wednesday, I started working and from the moment I stepped into the office, I had so much to do.

So I guess it's a bit of both eh? I was probably running on adrenaline until it settled in today and yesterday that I needed rest.

But, yeah... Tawau so far has been good to me, just that I can't seem to find a decent place to eat. Everything seems geared towards the mornings only. Dinners are a horror movie. I keep on passing by restaurants that are empty. I guess everyone eats dinner at home and only come out for big occasions.

The only good food I had so far was this morning, at this shabby pasar looking row. I plan to go back there soon i guess. Hopefully I can wake up tomorrow morning for it. As of why I am online at this ungodly hour, it's because I had a nap at 7pm just now and I've come back to an empty room. So this is a random act of posting...

So I joined the worship team... hehe... well, not sure what I'll be doing yet, but I've availed myself. Been practising and just trying to keep my guitar skills from deteriorating but whatever I've grown accustomed to singing are not what's on the menu here. I wonder if I can change that...

Besides that, there's not much to say about Tawau I guess. And I do miss FCC a lot, not as much as I miss my wife, but there is a certain element of emptiness maybe due to the lack of responsibility anymore. Heh. Danny must be cursing his socks off...

I guess what I'll miss the most are the friends whom I left behind. Those who have served with me, those whom I have grown to care about, those whom I have seen them from the moment they touched down in Klang Valley until now, I guess I miss the fellowship, the genuinity of it all, the lack of pretense... I hope I can bring a few values from the share groups to Tawau, but of course, anything of this sort might come as a total surprise to the locals, so I'd have to be patient.

As of now, my mission is to settle in, join a cell group, and pray for the best. The news is, that the building might not be ready until late Nov, expecting it to spill over to December. So I guess I'll have to take these few months slowly as it comes, and get ready for the real setting up over Christmas. I hope everything runs well so that the school can be fully functional in January.

I guess this would be the second low-key Christmas for me.

So, yeah...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your wife miss you too... heh!
Bout 17 more days before you come to KL again...

Flora :)

September 21, 2008 12:10 pm  
Blogger D@nnY {-.-"} said...

man, i wonder how you survive.. for the past 2 weekends, i'm outside for 17 hours on saturday and another 15 hours on sunday.. this is killing me.. but i enjoyed it la.. haha..


September 25, 2008 2:06 am  

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