Thursday, September 04, 2008

Then I led the Worship Team

2006 was the year of struggle for me.

The church broke-through on its journey to picking itself up again. The original Worship Team Leader had left for the newly formed church about 2 years now, and the team is picking itself up again. The older members who stayed back have now been on over-time too much. A few small hurts here and there culminated into them dropping out one by one. First, our faithful sound-man started to pull away. Then, the drummer got into a relationship with the keyboardist, who left to NZ to further her studies, but she never came back, ending the relationship with the drummer. He couldn't take it and wanted to be left alone for a while, and in the end, never came back too.

The other leaders were sent to theological studies as most of the worship team leaders responded to full-time calling before or after they were made team leader. I too was like that. I led the team for a couple of months before I joined the full-time team.

In the end, 2 years after the break-off, the old regime has successfully faded away. Some of them are still in church, but not taking an active role anymore, some have totally drifted away slowly. There were only a handful of those who stayed who are still serving until today. I am one of them, and those who stayed back are my contemporaries. But only a handful survived until today. The original 'first-team' when I arrived has moved to the newly formed church and we were left to rebuild from scratch.

It took the 3 leaders before me sweat and blood to pave the way for me. Principles were upheld at the cost of a few misunderstandings, tempers flared because of inexperienced leadership, team talks were often and always ended in tears for a few people, but we made it through. We managed to re-build a team of worship musicians who were adamant in growing both musically and spiritually. I came into possession of a team that had talent, and I needed only to help them focus, and that is actually all I did.

I did that for about 2 years now, and God has called me once again to something else.


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