Thursday, September 04, 2008

At last, I led worship...

After waiting another 2 years or so, I led worship for the first time in FCC. Amidst the slump and the degradation of the church, our mother church decided that all future pastors to the church be sent to full-time theological studies in order that everyone who is given responsibility has been given proper grounding before-hand. That is why for the first 2 years after the break, we had no resident pastor. The staff team was required to hold the fort both in Administration and also in Pastoral ministry. The pastor who was sent to lead this church is now sent to study and only comes back during the weekends to preach.

During these 2 years, the leadership of the church suffered, and during these 2 years, we were all about adapting, not changing for the better. And adapt we did. The cells were made to run without much direction from the pastor, but everyone was committed. Those who stayed back during the aftermath were significantly more sturdy than any other. I tell you the truth. Any church member who can survive a break-off is so strong that the fella can, in the future, withstand almost anything.

So I had to focus on leading a cell without much direction from the top. Back then, Cell Supervisors took charge of all things. House blessings, counselling, stuff. We worked like mad during those days, especially those who just graduated and found their first jobs. The struggle was real, but our power and strength were not. It was supernatural in fact.

So it was only after the break-off that I started to move into a more leadership role. And only after my Cell Group settled down, meaning from 15 people dropping to a constant 5 people, sometimes 4, that the worship team started to regain its strength.

To tell you the truth, I was so disappointed in how the worship team ended up that I just forgot about leading worship altogether. I was resolved into playing the guitar for the rest of my life. Until one day, the team leader approached me and asked me to try and lead worship. For real, I had already lost it. I had no passion for music anymore. I just wanted to serve, as a guitarist.

But after a while, the initial calling came back to me and I remembered that I must also move on. That God did not give me this voice to keep quite. That I need to only avail myself for His service, and He will see me through.

So I led worship for the first time in FCC after about 4 years being here. It could've been 1 year, but God had other plans.


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