Wednesday, July 30, 2008

So yeah...

These few days, a lot has been going on my mind. Some of them are regretful, some has shone some light into my life. So this post would possibly be a start and stop kind of post. So prepare for a fragmented story.

I learnt that retirement is not for a person to sit back and relax. That is way far too meaningless. I have a feeling that the age of retirement is meant for the senior citizens to take a rest from work, and also share their knowledge. Far too many senior citizens stay at home rotting away when they can be the guiding light for so many youngsters out there. There is a vicious cycle out there. Youngsters think that senior citizens are out of date, obsolete, and thus, throw them into the nether regions of their focus. They go on making their mistakes, bumping into walls that has already been dealt with generations ago. How much would they have learned and avoided if they had spent some time listening to the oldies. And the senior citizens, being out-paced by the youngsters, feel that they are useless, and they live a useless existence. Far be it from me that I will creep into retirement and exist as a who's use-by date has passed. Being retired means that you have time on your hands to improve your surroundings. Being retired means that you have the mandate of looking into things that the youngsters are doing, and teach them some valuable experience-gained knowledge!

My life has been lived with more purpose as I see what lies ahead of me. Some quarters are sad that I have made up my mind on my next step in life. I was in a situation whereby I could go anywhere, and I could do anything. I just needed to find some purpose in what I was going to do. But now, I see the light. Some who are closest to me feel that it's a waste that I won't be around, some feel that life would be more difficult, but all I can say is that I have found purpose. I am the person who cannot live without purpose. If I had no purpose in doing the thing that I was doing, then I would rather not do it at all. I could have found a job here and worked for the money, but that would be meaningless. I could've continued in what I was doing, but I'd be redundant in time. I could've gone some place else, but that too would be meaningless. I think I have now found my purpose. That is to change this nation from its roots.

My boss told me about an observation from a Bishop's wife that he met a while ago. She said that in today's education system, kids are treated equally, which we feel that there is nothing wrong. But subliminally, we find that there is something that is not so right. Girls are taught together with boys in every aspect. This has actually made girls more like boys and boys more like girls. Imagine the shock of their lives after they leave secondary school and find out that as girls, they have to deal with childbirth and motherhood! And boys, they are not taught how to be real men, how to be the decision maker, how to be the protector and lover of his wife! I am starting to get fed-up with boys who cannot even deal with the slightest problem in the house like changing a light bulb!

That's all...


Blogger Bea said...

i know for sure your purpose is not to be a book dealer...hehehe

August 03, 2008 10:01 pm  
Blogger TL said...

after reading ur entry, i realize how education have ruined me..haha..seriously..

all de best then. ;)

make a difference man. who knows, u wil be the next education minister. haha.

August 04, 2008 1:36 am  

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